Itching In Cats Can Be Caused By Mites Or Ringworm

There is a long list of reasons for itching in cats. In addition to flea bites, persistent and intense itching can be caused by mites or ringworm. Cats that are allowed to spend a lot of time outdoors are more prone to parasites and other health issues. When roaming outside, cats have lots of opportunities to encounters with other animals, including the diseases and the parasites they carry. Unfortunately, mites and ringworm (which is caused by a fungus), are highly contagious and your indoor-outdoor cat can bring these parasites inside your home and infect other pets. Outdoor cats can also get stung by insects, such as bees or wasps, and can cause them to scratch excessively and/or suffer from allergy reactions. Take note that you can get ringworm from your cat and other pets. Thus, if you notice your pet scratching persistently and excessively, you should set an appointment with your vets New Orleans, LA so the problem can be addressed immediately. 


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