Why You Should Avoid Leaving Food Out For Your Kitty

Encourage your cat to have healthy eating habits by not leaving pet food out all day. Establish a feeding routine and stick to the schedule. Give your kitty at least 10-20 minutes to finish his meal before removing and disposing of whatever is left. Also, if your pet is on a wet food I diet, leaving food out can cause spoilage which can cause digestive problems when eaten by your cat. Ad libitum feeding is not recommended in pet cats as it can increase the risk of obesity. It is a practice that involves leaving food out and keeping the food bowl filled throughout the day so the cat can eat anytime he wants. 

Give warm food

Cats like their food warm rather than cold. Heating enhances the smell and flavor of food. Try adding some warm water or warm milk to your pet’s food. This is also one way to increase your cat’s liquid intake. 

Your vet New Orleans, LA is a valuable source of information when it comes to your pet’s health and well-being.


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