When the Candle at the Vet's Office is Lit

Have you ever taken your cat to the vet and noticed that a candle is burning on the front desk? Some veterinarian offices will burn quite a few candles to keep the office smelling fresh. However, there is usually one candle on the front desk burning by itself with a poem or writing nearby stating that if the candle is burning than someone is saying goodbye to their beloved pet. It is a sad moment for the pet owner losing their pet. If you’ve ever been the one the candle is lit for than you know how heartbreaking it is. If you go into the office and see the candle lit, think of the owner going through the tough goodbye and keep your voice low and your cat quiet. You may even want to say a prayer for the owner going through the tough time. If you don’t see a candle like this ask your veterinary clinic Plano, TX to consider adding one. 


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