What are Bovine Animals?

Did you know that some veterinarian offices specialize in caring for Bovine animals? The Bovine category of animals includes a range of unusual farm animals or cattle breeds. For instance, cows, buffalo (African buffalo, water buffalo), the yak, four-horned and spinal horned (antelope) are all considered Bovine. If you are raising any of these particular animals or are caring for them on your farm, then you will need to find a vet that specializes in Bovine care. Even though these particular animals might not be thought of as pets, they still need routine vet care. For instance, cattle require routine vaccinations and care especially if they are being raised for beef or milk. They may also need vet care for delivering of calves and treating common ailments in herd animals including thrush. For more information, give your vet clinic Mt. Airy, MD a call since he specializes in a variety of pets and animals including Bovine.


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