Can I Give Cheese To My Cat?

Is cheese good for cats? The answer is yes and no. Cheese is rich in vitamin D and some cats love to munch on it. However, moderation is the key as cheese contains milk which can possibly cause digestive problems in cats that are lactose intolerant. Also, some cats are allergic to cheese. As you can see, a slice of cheese can possibly wreak havoc on the stomach of some cats. To prevent having to deal with these problems, try to give your kitty a small piece of cheese to see if there is any adverse reaction. And if there is none and your cat seems to enjoy eating cheese, always remember to give in moderation. You might also consider giving other types of food to your cat instead of cheese, such as liver, hard-boiled eggs, or fish. 

Sudden changes in your pet’s health and/or appetite should be checked by your vet Forest Hill, MD. 


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