African Pygmy Hedgehogs - Understanding Their Behavior And Temperament

African Pygmy hedgehogs are low-maintenance pets. They thrive being housed alone in a suitably spaced enclosure with a layer of litter. When housed with other hedgehogs, they can fight with each other and end up with injuries. Being nocturnal creatures, they make great pets for people with 9-5 jobs. They don’t really crave human interaction and handling but when frequent handling early in life can take these creatures. At first, a hedgehog may curl into a ball with the spikes turned out when they are not familiar with the person. Just place the ball in your hand and wait patiently for the hedgehog to unroll and start investigating. It will become more active and the spines will relax against its body when they feel that you are not a threat. There is one habit that hedgehogs engage in that many people find disgusting, especially if they have seen it for the first time. When a hedgehog thinks there is a perceived threat, it will start to salivate and a flurry of body contortions spread the saliva all over its back. 

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