Spoiling Your Cat This Winter

When the weather gets cold, people and pets tend to spend most of their time indoors. Even if your pet has lots of toys and treats, there are additional ways to keep them physically and mentally stimulated and happy indoors. Here are ways to spoil your furball during the freezing winter days:

Extra play

Did you know that cats can get very lonely if they think they don’t receive enough attention from their humans? Take time to play with your furball and try adding some extra time or introducing a new game. Winter is a great time to have more play sessions to bond and interact together. 


A good massage can do wonders to your cat’s mood, health, and well-being. Just like in people, cat massage enhances blood circulation and promotes healing. If your cat is recovering from an ailment or is sick, massage can do wonders in helping your pet recover. 

Special meals

Cook something special for your cat to give flair and variety to their usual daily meal. If you choose to bake treats or make a healthy meal for your furball, be sure to steer clear of ingredients that can be harmful to him. 

Sudden changes in your pet’s health and/or behavior should require an appointment with your vet Dawsonville, GA. 


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