When to Bring Your Cat In

Does our cat like to be outdoors? An outdoor cat that is confined indoors can cause trouble (i.e. scratching furniture, messing outside of the litter box, etc.) Some of the best times to allow your cat outdoors are during the day when the weather is nice and they aren’t in danger of crossing paths with predators. Leaving a cat outdoors at night can be risky as night predators are on the move. Plan to bring your cat in at night. You should also plan to bring your cat in during severe weather. However, if your cat is pretty stubborn and refuses to come in (as some do) the make sure there is an alternate location available for your cat. Set up a shelter inside the garage or porch. Leave a door cracked or window open so your cat can come in go. For more tips, call your animal hospital Norwalk, CA. To learn more, click here. 


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