Signs of Dementia in Cats

Cats can develop dementia as they age although it’s mostly referred to as Cognitive Dysfunction System (CDS). Signs include your cat staring off into space or simply standing in the same position for a long period of time as though she can’t remember what she was doing. Your cat may also eat a meal, walk away, and come back meowing as if she hasn’t eaten yet. If you feed her, she will eat again and again and eventually make herself sick. If your cat has signs of dementia you may want to remove her food bowl and only feed her at set times of the day to ensure she doesn’t overeat. Your cat may also become incontinent and unable to control her bathroom urges. Cat diapers can be found online. Unlike dog diapers, cat diapers do not come in male and female. If you think your cat is experiencing dementia, give your animal hospital Brandon, FL a call. To learn more details about this topic then click here. 


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