Sharing Your Clean Home with a Cat

Your cat may be great fun and lead to a long relationship of love and trust for many years. However, cats can be very messy in spite of their fastidious reputation. The worst source of messiness is usually your cat’s litter box, which acts as her toilet. You are responsible for keeping it clean and smelling fresh so she’ll continue using it. Use an odor-absorbing litter and keep an air freshener nearby. Place a mat outside the litter to catch any litter that sticks to your cat’s feet before she tracks it all over your home. Keep hair off the furniture, rugs and you by brushing your cat frequently. Vacuum your home to clean up stray hair or dander. Spaying or neutering your cat can reduce urine spraying. Refrigerate canned cat food after about 20 minutes to keep it from spoiling or attracting insects. Sweep up dry foods promptly. For more information, contact your veterinary clinic Chico, CA. Click this site for more information.


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