Challenges Of Raising A Pet Monkey

Did you know that a monkey can live for up to 40 years with optimum nutrition coupled with proper care and attention? But keeping a monkey as a pet is not like caring for other pets. Before bringing home a monkey, you should ask yourself if you are ready to commit to providing and caring for a pet monkey throughout his lifetime. Although they grow up in size, they don’t really mature like humans do. They remain permanent toddlers. 

A pet monkey may not take well to anything new or unfamiliar such as the arrival of a new pet, child, or partner. You would also have a hard time getting away for vacations, even short ones. If the circumstances of your life change and you may find it difficult or even impossible to continue caring for your pet monkey, finding him a new home can be extremely difficult. A monkey that has bonded to his owner can suffer psychologically and emotionally when they find themselves in a new home setting with unfamiliar people and routine. 

Pet monkeys also need lots of social interaction and they are very expensive to keep. You will also need to devote time for cleaning up after your pet and routine care. 

Your pet will also need to be taken to your veterinarians Marion, IA for regular wellness checks and dental visits. To learn more click here.


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