Heat And Lighting Needs Of Pet Tarantulas

Tarantulas thrive well in a dark area where it can’t be hit by direct sunlight. They hate bright lights; incandescent lights can be drying for these spiders. For your pet’s heating needs, you can place heating strips or pads under a small potion of the cage. The temperature inside the enclosure is maintained between 75-85F. For species of tarantula that don’t need high levels of humidity, just place a shallow water dish inside the enclosure and a weekly misting would be enough. But for those that thrive with higher humidity, they will benefit from more frequent misting. There should be temperature and humidity gauges inside the enclosure to monitor the conditions in the spider’s immediate environment. During periods of high temperature, measures must be taken to ensure adequate levels of humidity. 

The tarantula’s enclosure won’t really need frequent cleaning. If your spider thrives well at low humidity, an annual cleaning of the enclosure is enough. But for those that thrive in a more humid environment, cleaning of the enclosure should be done more often. 

Call your vet clinic Cherry Hill, NJ if you have concerns and/or questions about your pet’s health and needs. 


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