Walking Your Dog In Severe Weather

Some canine breeds are extremely vulnerable to temperature extremes. A dog’s tolerance to very hot and cold weathers will depend to a large extent on their body size, composition, health, hair coat, and a host of other factors. Brachycephalic dogs (short-nosed breeds such as pugs and bulldogs) tend to have a tougher time when environmental temperature is high. Thus, when walking your dog, be sure to take frequent rests or shorter walks. It is recommended that outdoor excursions should be made during early morning or late afternoon when it’s cooler. If you feel warm, your dog will likely feel warmer. While walking, keep alert for any signs of heat stress like excessive drooling, being less responsive than usual, pale gums, appears anxious or weak, take him to the nearest vet clinic Tipp City, OH ASAP. These are important symptoms of heatstroke and dogs can die without immediate medical intervention. 


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