Bloat In Cattle

Bloat or grain poisoning in cattle is a serious, life-threatening problem which is caused by excessive consumption of grain or eating large quantities of lush pasture. To reduce or altogether eliminate your cattle’s risk to bloat, feed barrels and feed bags should be out of their reach. When it comes to introducing your cattle to new pasture, be sure to do it gradually by giving them time to be acclimated for a few days. During the first week, cattle should be turned out for only a few hours to prevent bloat. 

Cattle with bloat appears to have a distended rumen. It is located on the left side of the animal beside the hip bone. There will also be labored breathing and signs of discomfort such as bawling, kicking, groaning, and profuse salivation. 

Bloat in cattle should always be treated as an emergency; contact your veterinarian Mt. Airy, MD ASAP. Or set an appointment at this website.


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