Bedding Options For Hedgehogs

There are various bedding options that can be used for hedgehog enclosures. Some are better than others thus pet owners should learn to distinguish which ones work best for their pets. Some common bedding options for hedgehogs include:

Paper bedding - Paper is soft and absorbent. Some are made from recycling paper. The litter does not produce dust. But since it is soft and lightweight, the litter tends to get stuck in the hedgehog’s spine especially right after a bath. 

Wood bedding - Some wood bedding options have better absorbent properties and are softer than others. Wood shavings made of pine have been known to give off chemicals that can possibly cause health problems in hedgehogs. Pine shavings can also injure their tiny, delicate feet. Cedar shavings can also be toxic to hedgehogs as they have been linked to respiratory problems, allergies, and even changes in the liver. 

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