Permethrin Toxicity In Cats

Permethrin is a common ingredient that is often incorporated in many flea products that are specially formulated for use in dogs. Unfortunately, many pet owners think that any product they use for dogs can also be used in cats.  But this is not the case. Cats are extremely sensitive creatures and their bodies can easily have an adverse reaction to certain medications. Many cases of poisoning associated with the use of flea medications for dogs have been recorded in cats. The risk is higher in multi-pet households in which cats’ exposure to permethrin-containing products have resulted in the display of toxicity symptoms. Permethrin can be present in spot-on treatments, flea collars, shampoos, sprays, etc. Since these products are widely available and can easily be purchased over-the counter, cat parents should seek the advice of a veterinarian Mt. Airy, MD before using any insecticide on cats. Click this website Taylorsville Veterinary Clinic for more details.


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