Tips To Keep Your Cattle Healthy And Happy During Winter

When temperatures start to plummet during the winter months, cattle can have trouble putting on weight and/or maintaining optimum milk production performance. Cold weather is also an important stressor for cattle, giving them a hard time in going about their normal daily routine. Here are some tips to keep your cattle healthy and happy during freezing winter months:

Clean drinking water should always be available and easily accessible to cattle. It is often a struggle for cattle to consume enough water during winter. Cattle need about 1-2 gallons of water per 100 pounds body weight. Never assume that your cattle can meet this need by licking ice or eating snow. That would take hours to meet their body’s minimum water requirement and it would also reroute previous body heat in the process which can eventually leave little energy to eat and grow. Inadequate water intake can increase a cattle’s risk to colic and impaction. One simple way to ensure adequate water intake of cattle during winter is by installing tank heaters in the water sources of cattle. Be sure to read and follow the instructions of the manufacturer to avoid accidental electric shocks or fires. If it is not practical for you to use a heater, be sure to provide unfrozen water to your cattle several times daily and in various strategic locations. 

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