Important Causes Of Excessive Shedding In Cats

Cats that are exposed to the elements undergo distinct periods of shedding during spring and fall. However, indoor cats shed year-round, the amount of which depends on the cat’s hair coat. The constant light inside the home and the absence of exposure to temperature extremes cause the gradual shedding off of the hairs rather than seasonal shedding. There are instances however, when cats engage in excessive grooming. This can be attributed to the following:

  • Exposure to stressors
  • As a result of illness, pregnancy, or birth
  • Allergic dermatitis and other types of skin irritation
  • Chemical irritants such as soap or shampoo residue after a bath
  • Flea, ticks, mites infestation
  • Presence of foreign materials such as dirt or twigs stuck in the cat’s hair coat
  • Skin infections caused by bacteria or fungi
  • Behavioral response to scolding or punishment    

A visit to your reputed animal hospital Pasadena, MD can help establish the underlying cause of your pet’s excessive grooming so it can be addressed appropriately. 


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