How to Calculate Your Dog’s Age

Have you ever wondered how old your dog really is? Dogs age rather quickly. One dog year can be equal to 5 to 7 people years. If you want to find out how old your dog is you will first need to ask yourself if your dog is considered a large breed or a small breed. Large breed dogs typically age 7 times faster than people. If your Golden Retriever is 5 years old in people years than his real age in dog years is 35. If you own a small breed canine such as a Pomeranian and he’s 3 years old then multiple his age by 5. Small breeds age a little slower than large breeds. Your Pomeranian is 7 in people years by his real age is 15. Determining your dog’s real age can help you understand why he may be considered a senior at age 8 (because he’s technically 40 to 42 years old). Learn more here or call your reputed veterinarians Portage, MI.


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