Your Guinea Pig’s Popcorning

You may notice your guinea pig run around his cage and then leap in the air as he enthusiastically kicks out his hind legs. This behavior is called popcorning. Your guineas pig will popcorn throughout his life. However, larger, older pigs may not leap as high when he was small and young. Popcorning shows your guinea pig is excited and happy. He might popcorn when he thinks that dinner time is imminent. Or he might be really happy to see you. Popcorning isn’t something you can train your guinea pig to do on command. He’ll just do it on his own when he feels like it. Ensure that your guinea pig’s cage is large enough so he has room for toys and exercise. However, don’t put so much stuff in your guinea pig’s cage that he can’t move around or have room to popcorn. Learn more from your pet clinic Anderson, IN.


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