Your Guinea Pig's Teeth

Guinea pig’s teeth grow continuously throughout their lifetimes. Thus, without care, your guinea pig’s teeth can become overgrown or cross over each other. These imperfections cause pain and trouble eating, and could cut the inside of your pig’s mouth. Examine your pig’s teeth frequently. Check that they are straight and relatively short. Inspect his mouth for broken teeth or discoloration. Provide lots of timothy hay and wooden blocks so your guinea pig can gnaw and wear down his teeth. Hard vegetables such as carrots and squash add nutrition while keeping your guinea pig’s teeth trim. Ensure your pig’s diet is high in vitamin C to support healthy teeth. Your guinea pig needs medical care if you see any dental issues or if your guinea pig has difficulty eating. Make an appointment with your Farmers Branch, TX veterinary clinic to have your guinea pig’s teeth evaluated and treated as needed. To learn more, click this site:


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