Pet Hazards In The Garage And Yard

Cats and dogs are such curious creatures and if they are allowed to venture and roam outdoors, pet owners should make extra effort to prevent pets from being exposed to potential hazards in the garage and yard. When pet-proofing your home and its surroundings, be conscious about where you place these products to make sure they are out of your pet’s reach. 

Antifreeze and coolants

Ethylene glycol is a common component of antifreeze and coolants. These products are very toxic even in small amounts. There are also products that contain propylene glycol which is less toxic to pets but nevertheless still dangerous. 

Herbicides and insecticides

These products contain active ingredients that are very toxic to pets. Lawns or gardens that are newly sprayed should be off limits to pets. 


Adhesives made of polyurethane are common components of many household products. There are wood glue products that contain the expander, MDI (diphenylmethane diisocyanate). When ingested, they can cause the formation of masses anywhere in the gastrointestinal tract which can potentially cause obstruction. 

If your pet has been exposed to a toxic substance, seek medical attention ASAP. Don’t wait for signs to appear before bringing your pet to your local vet clinic Glendale, AZ


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