The Brussels Griffon

Are you looking for a small and robust dog to call your own? If so, then check out the Brussels Griffon. This breed is particularly rare, but may be obtained through breeders and profession trainers as well as the rare find at shelters or humane societies. The key to finding one is to be on the lookout. The petite and personable canine is known for its appearance in movies such as “As Good as it Gets” and “First Wives Club”. The breed itself developed in the 1800s in Belgium. The breed was developed to chase rats out of houses and stables. They small frame of the Brussels Griffon allows it to move in and out of tight spaces with ease giving it the advantage in mouse chasing. The Brussels Griffon is a cross between the pug, pincher and spaniels. The breed is great as an apartment dog. Call your vet Ashburn, VA for more details.


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