Cats and Heartworm Disease

Cats are prone to heartworm disease much like dogs and other pets. Your cat should be tested for heartworm disease at his yearly annual exam with the vet. If the test is negative then your cat should be placed on or continue the use of monthly heartworm prevention medication. If a cat tests positive then aggressive treatment of heartworms will need to be started immediately. Heartworm treatment for cats is far more severe and sadly less successful than in dogs. The best way to protect your cat from the long worms in the blood stream is to have your cat take protective medication each month. Heartworms have been diagnosed in all U.S. states and Canadian provinces. It is safe to assume your cat is at risk and to treat regularly. Medication can also prevent complications from heartworms such as HARD or heartworm associated respiratory disease. For more information, click here or call your local veterinarians Bolingbrook, IL.


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