Protecting Your Cat From Electrical Cords

Your cat may love chewing on electrical cords because they are soft and chewy and feel good to her mouth. However, chewing on an electrical cord can lead to electrocution or strangulation. Either of these can injure your cat or even kill her. Keep your cat from accessing electrical cords by covering them with tape or mounting them to the trim. You can also run these cords through PVC piping or cord coversSpray electrical cords with a deterrent that tastes bad if your cat continues to show interest in them. You can purchase these deterrents from a reputable pet supply store. Redirect your cat to other spongy things to chew on. Plan on lots of play and exercise time so your cat gets the mental stimulation she needs. Exercise will also tire her out and help keep her out of mischief. Learn more from your vets Rochester, NY. Read more here.


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