Understanding Your Cat's Hissing

Your cat’s hissing is frightening and its sight and sound announces imminent aggression. She may strike out at you quickly and scratch or bite you. She feel her territory is threatened by humans or other animals, or if she is handled too roughly while you brush her, trim her nails, or give her a bath. The noise and bluster that comes with hissing can your cat is afraid but she is trying to o scare off a threat. Your cat may hiss is she is feeling ill. You can suspect an illness if she is hiding and fusses if you try to handle her. You can manage some hissing by keeping clear of your cat until she calms down. If she is very afraid or angry, you need to protect her without getting scratched or bitten. Talk to your cat softly and calmly as you anticipate any lashing out. For more information, contact your veterinarian care Rochester, NY.


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