Encouraging a Healthy Relationship Between Your Children and Your Cat

A cat can be a great companion animal for your children.  However, the children need to learn how to interact with your cat appropriately. Cats should be treated with respect. Don’t allow tail pulling, poking, chasing or roughhousing. Discourage screaming while near your cat since this could frighten her. Demonstrate to your child how to be gentle with your cat and play nicely with her. Help your child understand your cat’s body language and insist that your cat’s signals to be left alone are respected. Indulge your cat when she wants love and attention. Give your children cat care tasks to encourage bonding. Pouring some cat chow in a bowl is easy for even a young child. Never leave a child with exclusive care of a cat. Check on the cat daily so you are sure that both her physical and emotional needs are met. For more information, contact your pet clinic Webster, NY.

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