Your Cat's Ability to Communicate with Her Tail

Your cat will communicate using body language and vocalizations. Your cat’s tail will help you understand how your cat is feeling. If she is happy or happy to see you, your cat will display a relaxed or curious posture and hold her tail upright. This behavior is often accompanied with weaving in and out of your legs and purring. If she is alert and interested in what she is examining, your cat may twitch her tail a bit. However, watch out if you see your cat swishing and thrashing her tail. She is probably irritated and doesn’t want you to touch her. Heed this warning. Otherwise she may lash out and scratch or bite you. Angry cats will fluff up their fur, especially the tail. Your cat may also arch her back.  If your cat is holding her tail down and she has her ears pinned back, she may be fearful. Learn more from your pet clinic Webster, NY. Or make an appointment at this website All Cats Care Center.


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