Diapers for Male Dogs

If your male dog is having trouble holding his urine or making it outdoors before making a mess then you may want to consider having him wear a diaper. Doggy diapers are available at most pet stores and some commercial chain stores. They often come in disposable, washable, and diaper covers. The diapers covers are used to cover the actual diaper making it look more like doggy pants and less like a diaper. The disposable diapers can be used once and then thrown away. Washable diapers can be used and then washed and used again. These diapers can also have diaper liners put in them to help hold more liquid and make the diaper last longer. Male diapers come in belly bands and simply cover the dog’s underbelly. If you want to use liners, you may want to purchase feminine hygiene liners as they offer more protection and often cost less. Click here for more information or call your veterinary clinic Newmarket, ON.


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