Canines and Heartworms

Did you know that all canine breeds, ages, and sexes are susceptible to heartworm disease? Heartworms are long worms that invade the bloodstream of dogs. The worms can travel through the blood stream and enter the heart, lungs and other major organs. Heartworms are very serious and can cause serious damage. Your dog needs to best tested for heartworms once a year. Dogs that test positive will require extensive treatment which may or may not be successful. Most older dogs aren’t able to withstand treatment. Dogs that test negative should be placed on a heartworm treatment program one a month to prevent the disease. The only way to protect your dog is to have him on the monthly prevention medication. Even if your dog is treated for heartworms, the lasting effects can be long term. Talk with your New Orleans LA veterinary clinic, Clearview Veterinary Hospital to learn more.


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