Can I Feed My Dogs Rawhide ?

Feeding your dog any type of treat or bone with rawhide in it should be done so with supervision and with the knowledge of your vet. Rawhide can be hard to digest for some dogs, which has earned it the reputation of not being suitable for dogs to eat. Some dogs are not able to digest the rawhide and in turn get stomach upset or irritation and sometimes worse stomach conditions that require extensive treatment. Likewise, other dogs can handle rawhide no problem and enjoy treats and bones made from it. It will be up to you and your vet to discern if rawhide is appropriate for your dog or not. There are all natural and veggie alternatives to rawhide. SmartBone brand produces rawhide looking treats that are made from vegetables. These and other similar treats are available at pet stores. Talk with your New Orleans, LA veterinarian to know more, visit their website for additional information.


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