What is Entropion in American Guinea Pigs?

Taking care of a guinea pig includes everything from cleaning his cage, feeding him, playing with him to making sure his coat stays healthy, nails are trimmed, and eyes are always clear and healthy. Guinea pigs especially can have different eye illnesses due to the fact that they keep their eyes open all of the time. That’s right, they actually sleep with their eyes open. Because of this a guinea pig will have a white secretion build in his eyes to lubricate them. If the eye is not lubricated it can become irritated. Other conditions that may develop include Entropion. This is when an eyelash turns into the eye can causes extreme irritation. A milky white color may appear in or around the eye and can be often confused with the eye lubricant. Instead, though, this could be an ulcer forming. You will need to seek advice from your pet clinic Louisville, CO.


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