Antioxidants For Dogs

Antioxidants provide protection against cellular damage brought about by free radicals, hydrogen peroxide, and other substances. The most common antioxidants that are valuable for pets include vitamin C (ascorbic acid), beta carotene, vitamin E (alpha tocopherol), and certain enzymes. 

The body has its own natural antioxidants that work to neutralize reactive compounds. But when inflammation continues, these natural antioxidants can be depleted which can cause damage to healthy body cells. Antioxidant supplements can  help treat and prevent chronic inflammation in the body such as chronic arthritis and allergic dermatitis. 

Dogs and cats are not the only animal species that benefit from regular use of antioxidants.Horses can also benefit from regular antioxidant supplementation. 

However, antioxidants should not be viewed as the sole treatment of inflammatory conditions. These supplements should, however, be an important component in a pet’s treatment regimen for various conditions. 

It is recommended to ask your vet Pipe Creek, TX before giving any supplements to your pet.


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