Training Your Dog to Stay on Command

Once you train your dog to sit or lie down on command, you need a way to keep him there. That’s where training your dog to stay on command comes in. Your dog should know his name reliably obey the SIT command. While your dog is sitting, hold a treat in front of his nose to get his attention. Say the STAY command but delay giving your dog the treat for a few seconds. As you practice, increase the time your dog stays in position before giving him the treat and praise. To reinforce the STAY command, hold your hand up in front of your dog’s face. Slowly move away as your dog stays to build consistency. If breaks the command, don’t give him the treat. Quickly get your dog back into position and start again. Don’t punish or yell at your dog for breaking. Be patient and practice often. Learn more from your professional animal hospital Columbia, MD.


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