How Many Water Bowls Does My Cat Need?

Your cat should be fine with one water bowl. If your cat isn’t drinking enough then you can add another bowl of water perhaps in her favorite napping location. If she still doesn’t drink much then you may need to get a fountain or a bowl that keeps the water moving. Moving water can help entice cats to drink more. If you have multiple cats then you should have multiple bowls. For instance, one water bowl per two cats or if they are big drinkers than one water bowl per cat. If you own a multi-story home then you may want to provide water bowls on each floor or at least on the two main floors you and your cats spend the most time. Small water bowls or medium water bowls are best. You cat won’t need a super large bowl. Read here for more tips or give your vet clinic Lakeville, MN a call. Make an appointment today!


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