Discipline Methods for Dogs

If your dog is jumping on people, push him down and tell him ‘no’. Follow up with a slight spray of vinegar/water mix if he continues to jump. Have the person he’s jumping on say ‘no’ and turn to the side as a signal for the dog to get down. If he still acts up, take your dog to his crate or to a dog safe room and lock him in for five to ten minutes. Let him out for good behavior but send him back if he acts up again. If your dog is barking excessively, tell him quiet and signal to be quiet with your hand. If he doesn’t stop, spray him with the water/vinegar solution. If he still barks then send him to his crate. Time outs aren’t just for children. Our dogs can behave a lot like children so similar discipline is necessary. If your dog is having bad behavior issues that you can’t break then consult with your skilled veterinarians Burlington ON for help.


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