Helping Dogs Walk On Hard Surface Floors

Does your home have primarily hardwood floors or some type of tiling? If so, it could be a little hard for your canine companion to keep his footing when walking on the smooth surface. Here are a few ways you can help your dog keep his footing. First, if your dog is not walking on the hard surface areas at all it could be that he’s afraid of it or afraid of the feel on his paws and his inability to walk well. Try adding running rugs or one area rug to see if this helps. If it does then you may need to use this method throughout your home. If your dog isn’t scared of the floor, but simply can’t keep his balance then try slipper socks for dogs. Slipper socks are socks with rubber grips on the bottom designed to help keep your pup from slipping. You can find them at local pet stores, online, or ask your reputed veterinarians Riverbend, ON. Make an appointment today!


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