Caring for a Senior Guinea Pig

Like most pets, when guinea pigs get older they start to slow down due to arthritis and other age related illnesses. Some guinea pigs will age gracefully and require little to no extra care other than what he already receives. Other guinea pigs, however, may need to go on special diets because their teeth can’t handle crunchy pellet food or their stomachs can’t digest it anymore. Your guinea pig may even start to develop routine constipation. If this happens, ask your vet about giving your guinea pig fiber (like Metamucil) in his grain once or twice a day. If your guinea pig has problems pooping it may be because his muscles aren’t able to push anymore. You may need to gently squeeze your guinea pig’s hind end to help the poop come out. For other tips on caring for a senior guinea pig, talk with your pet clinic farmers branch,TX.


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