Abscess In Chinchillas

Abscess is formed when pus accumulates under the skin or membrane. In chinchillas, abscesses usually develop when bite wounds or other types of injury become infected. Prompt treatment is needed to prevent the infection from entering the bloodstream and causing toxemia which, in severe cases can cause death. When an abscess is present, you may see or feel a slight swelling under the chin’s fur. It may feel like a firm lump. Pain may be elicited when the lump is touched. There is also redness in the area and pus may be oozing. 

It is not recommended to treat your pet’s abscess at home. Make an appointment with your vet clinic so your pet can be examined thoroughly so other skin problems can be ruled out, such as hematoma, hernia, or skin-like cysts. Your veterinarian Orangevale, CA may puncture the abscess to examine the contents. When the underlying cause has been determined, it is only then that an appropriate treatment can be given to prevent further formation of abscess. 


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