Why your pocket pet needs time outside of her enclosure

You have a pocket pet in your life who needs to be able to enjoy her time in your care day after day. This means that she will often need time outside of her enclosure to make the most of her time.

Your pet may have a very nice place to call her own, but even large enclosures are only able to offer the pets inside them a limited amount of space. They will also get thoroughly explored by your little fur ball, so she needs a change of scenery. Time outside of her enclosure is when she will likely get most of her exercise as well as when she will take the time to socialize and work on new skills. Your little fur ball will need you to supervise her while outside of her enclosure and to make sure she is spending time in an area that is thoroughly pet-proofed. Your vet Carrollton, GA can offer additional advice.


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