Steps to Take if Your Dog is Lost

No one ever wants their dog to accidentally escape from the backyard or out an open door or window, but it happens. If your dog suddenly goes missing, here are a few steps to take right away to help bring your dog back as soon as possible. First, look all over the home to make sure your dog isn’t just in a side room, upstairs room, locked in the bathroom by accident, etc. If you saw your dog leave the home, immediately go in the direction he was last seen and start looking. Call animal control, the police, local veterinarians, etc. within a 20 mile radius to alert them that your dog is missing or on the loose. Print flyers with an updated picture and information and post them in surrounding neighborhoods and especially at busy intersections. Check out more tips here or call your veterinary clinic Roanoke, VA. To know more details about this topic then click on the link. 


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