Alopecia In Rabbits

There are several causes of alopecia or hair loss in rabbits. On top of the list are fur mites, ringworm, sebaceous adenitis, and barbering. 


Ringworm is caused by a fungus that thrives within the outermost layer of the skin and hair. Affected rabbits have areas of the body that are devoid of hair. There may also be crusting and signs of secondary bacterial infection. The condition is much more common among young rabbits because their immune systems are still developing. 

Fur mites

Fur mites that affect rabbits are called Cheyletiella. Clinical symptoms include itchy and inflamed skin, bald patches on the neck, abdomen, trunk, and hind end. There may also be scaly, dry areas on the skin surface. 


Barbering is behavior-induced. This occurs when a dominant rabbit pulls at the fur of a submissive rabbit. There are also cases in which hair-pulling is self-induced; this is usually caused by a low-fiber diet or overcrowding. 

Sebaceous adenitis

This is a type of dermatitis which is non-itchy and the skin appears scaly and flaky. Lesions generally start to appear around the face. 

Any abnormalities affecting your pet’s skin and hair coat should be examined by your vets Pickerington, OH.


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