Your Cat’s Paws

Your cat is able to be rather independent, but she still needs you for quite a bit. Your care can help keep her healthy and safe, so it’s important that you offer this to her in a variety of different areas, like looking after her paws.

Many pet owners assume their cat’s paws are nearly indestructible due to all the wear and tear they go through. However, this simply isn’t the case. Your pet’s paws are rather sensitive and will need your attention from time to time. This means that you will need to check over her paws to see how they are doing. They may look great and not need anything further. They may also need some debris removed or show signs of discoloration, swelling, or be visibly injured. You may even need to call on her veterinarian to make sure she is getting the care she needs. For more information, please contact your Coon Rapids MN pet clinic.


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