Car Seats for Dogs

An alternative to placing your dog in a dog seatbelt is to use a dog car seat. This are often better alternatives for smaller dogs that may be too small for a harness or restraining device in the car. Car seats typically come in the form of box like seats that buckle into the car seat. You can place your dog inside the box/seat when he rides in the car. A strap or small leash like line is often included in the seat so you can attach your dog to the seat which will hold him in the car seat. You should use this if you place the car seat in the front of the car. If your dog sits in the seat on his own and doesn’t jump out you may not have to use the extra restraint; however, this option is suggested for the backseat only. Read here for more information about dog car seats and don’t forget to consult with your veterinarian Brandon, FL.


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