Ways to Help Your Dog Deal with Fear and Anxiety

Dogs can be faced with a lot of fear and anxiety just like people. Memories from the past can literally come back to haunt them. For instance, if your dog is a rescue then he may have lived a life where he didn’t get fed. He could become very anxious and worried around meal times because he’s unsure he’ll have food. You can help your dog overcome this fear by making sure to feed him around the same time each day. Don’t make it the exact time or he will panic more when you don’t keep that routine every single day. Other dogs may be scared of loud noises because of previous living conditions. You veterinary clinics Savannah, GA may suggest keeping your dog calm during thunderstorms or times when there are loud noises outside by sitting with your dog, talking to him, and gently stroking his fur. Read here for about other ways to keep your dog calm.


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