Transporting Your Hamster

You will need a safe way to transport your hamster outside your home for vet appointments, or a friend’s home while you are on vacation. A carrier will keep your hamster warm, protect him from drafts, and prevent him from escaping. You can consider using a cardboard box but watch that your hamster doesn’t chew the box and escape. Hamster carrier is available for purchase at reputable pet stores. Or you can make one using a plastic food storage container. Poke enough holes in the lid so your hamster has sufficient air to breath. Check that your hamster can’t squeeze through any large holes. Add some bedding to keep your hamster comfortable. A few bits of food will keep him occupied during travel. Bring your car to a normal temperature before taking your hamster outside your home and go directly to the cat. Always supervise your hamster while in the car. Contact your veterinarians Seminole, FL to learn more click here. 


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