Special Diets For Indoor Cats

Indoor-only cats can be as healthy and can live a long and happy life as any cat that is allowed to venture outdoors. However, since their immediate environment is limited, there is less opportunity to engage in natural behaviors and physical activity. This is one important reason for cat parents to walk the extra mile in enriching their pet’s environment and have regular interactions with their furballs. There should be lots of opportunities for cats to engage in natural behaviors such as running, leaping, climbing, scratching, playing, etc. 

There is a special diet formulated for cats that are confined indoors. These rations are generally high in protein and low in fat. Some indoor cat foods contain additional fiber that can help reduce hairball troubles, as well as probiotics and prebiotics to support the beneficial microorganisms in the gut. 

Your cat’s diet should be one of the important concerns that you should discuss with your veterinarian Mt. Airy, MD on your pet’s wellness checks.


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