Tips for Taking a Pet to Show and Tell

Children love to share their pets with their peers. That means they usually ask if they can bring their animal to show and tell! It’s a possibility, but you have to make sure you follow these tips.

Before you answer your child, make sure you ask their teacher. Some schools won’t allow pets. In other cases, the teacher may be able to tell you if another student has an allergy that makes bringing the pet a bad idea.

If your child’s teacher gives you the go-head, choose the pet your child brings wisely. Friendly dogs are a good choice, but cats aren’t. A hamster may not be a good idea because their small size makes them easier to drop, but a rabbit may be large enough to share.

Make sure you come prepared with the right leashes, harnesses, and carriers! For more tips, click here, or ask your veterinary clinic Diamond Bar, CA for advice.


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