Cattle Supplements - Why Bioavailability Is Important

An ideal mineral mix should contain bioavailable mineral sources. Bioavailability has an influence on the absorptive ability of the minerals in order to take advantage of their full benefit. Although more bioavailable mineral sources are a bit more expensive, they can go a long way in improving herd performance in cattle with marginal trace mineral status. These minerals can help improve reproduction issues, foot problems, herd health issues etc. 

When choosing a mineral mix for cattle, be sure to check the bioavailability of copper, zinc, manganese, and cobalt. These minerals are essential components for a variety of body functions such as reproduction, health and immunity, growth and development, as well as digestion of fiber. 

Other important considerations when choosing a cattle mineral product for your herd include being water- and wind-resistant, larger particles, and a balanced formula. 

Consult your vet Mt. Airy, MD if you have questions and/or concerns about you’re herd’s nutrition.


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