Overgrown Teeth In Rabbits

The teeth of rabbits don’t stop growing throughout their lifetime. In order to keep their teeth at an appropriate height, they need to constantly chomp on fibrous materials such as grass and hay. A lack of fibrous materials to chew on can cause their molar teeth to form sharp spikes that can cause injury to their cheeks and tongue. The pain and discomfort can make rabbits reluctant or even unable to eat. When the incisors grown unchecked, they can curl as they grow making it impossible for rabbits to close their mouth or eat. The problem becomes more serious once the rabbits stops eating as this can lead to problems that can be fatal if not corrected immediately. 

To prevent a rabbit’s teeth from becoming overgrown, 80-90% of the daily diet must be made up of fibrous material such as oats, timothy grass, or hay. 

If your pet rabbit’s teeth appear to be overgrown, you should have it corrected by your vet Pasadena, MD. Click here for more information.


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